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Code of Ethics

To be eligible for membership in the Canadian Dancesport Federation the candidate will have to comply with the Code of Ethics as set hereafter:

Integrity and Competence

  • A member must treat other professionals, students and persons, whether they are CDF members or not, with integrity and respect.
  • A member must take reasonable steps to maintain and enhance the knowledge, skills and personal qualities necessary to offer a competent quality of service and encourage public respect. 

Advertising and Solicitation

  • A member must not use false advertising. For example : < Learn from the Best >. He/she may advertise such things as qualifications, success in championships etc. – but not something that cannot be measured. He/she must not mislead the uninformed.
  • A member should refrain from soliciting other members’ students. 

Independence and Integrity

  • A member holding a CDF Adjudicator’s Licence must not contact organizers and promise to bring students to a competition in exchange for a position on the Adjudicating Panel, or a position on the Adjudicating Panel for a person working in his/her studio. 


  • A member holding a CDF Adjudicator’s Licence should strive to ensure that his/her conduct, both in and out of the Competition Ballroom, maintains and enhances confidence in his/her fairness. 



  • CDF will investigate and rule upon any question or complaint regarding the behaviour of any member of CDF within the guidelines of the Association rules.
  • In receipt of a complaint, the CDF shall inform the individual complained against by mail. He/she shall have the right to answer such charges.


  • CDF may, if an infringement has been proven, impose a suitable penalty which may include suspension of membership in CDF, if deemed appropriate. 

Failure to follow the Code of Ethics may result in suspension from Membership and Adjudicating

The following may apply:

  • First (1st) infringement - A warning
  • Second (2nd) infringement - Suspension of three (3) months
  • Third (3rd) infringement - Suspension of six (6) months, or more, or Dismissal from CDF